2019 Gippsland Education Grant winners

Congratulations to Isabella Shelton and Nicholas Woodland who have been awarded this year’s Gippsland Education Trust Grant. Both have just begun their journeys as medical students. Bella is in Year 1 at Clayton, while Nick is based at Churchill for Year A of the graduate entry course.

“I am incredibly honoured to be a recipient of the Gippsland Education Trust Grant,” said Nick. “This grant will allow me to give greater focus to my studies while remaining an active member of the Gippsland community.

“Growing up in both Heyfield and Lakes Entrance I am in the fortunate position of having returned to Gippsland to pursue my medical degree. I very much look forward to being a focal point for any prospective Gippsland origin medical students and giving back to the community of which has been so good to me.”

Bella recognises the grant as a symbol of the community’s commitment to improving health standards in rural and regional Victoria.

“It allows students like myself with a personal, binding interest in rural health to achieve my full potential in all areas of my university life,” she said. “It gives us a voice through which we are able to advocate for such an important and pressing issue in our country.

“I hope to use this grant to contribute towards growing funds towards my university studies, as I now recognise the increased challenges faced by rural families when sending their children to distant metropolitan universities. After I graduate, I hope to become a paediatrician or an oncologist, specialising in areas of Gippsland where there are large discrepancies between availability of specialist care.”

Both Isabelle and Nick have a great understanding of challenges that health professionals have in rural areas, and are keen to undertake further placements in rural areas. Both have been highly involved in their communities and have a desire to eventually work rurally.

Each receives a $10,000 grant aimed at helping them with the costs of relocation, accommodation and text books. The Gippsland Education Trust has been established in partnership with the Rotary Club of Sale and the Shires of Wellington and East Gippsland. Up to two grants are available to Gippsland students who receive an offer to student medicine at Monash University.

See the Monash scholarships web page for details.