Monash researchers honoured with NHMRC awards for research excellence

Two Monash researchers, Associate Professor Rebecca Lim and Associate Professor Yuming Guo, were honoured at the NHMRC's Excellence Awards gala dinner last night in Canberra.

The awards recognise excellence in health and medical research and are bestowed upon researchers who’ve made exceptional contributions to their field.

Associate Professor Lim has dedicated her research to understanding how stem cells from the amniotic sac could change the progession of life-threatening diseases. Last year, she translated her findings into a world-first clinical trial to help extremely sick babies who have no other effective treatment.

By working with industry partners, Associate Professor Lim hopes to increase patient access to safe and affordable cellular therapies.

“It is extremely humbling to receive this award. My team and I will be working extremely hard to help make regenerative medicines safe, affordable and accessible to all Australians,” Associate Professor Lim said.

Associate Professor Guo has carved a niche for himself in Australia and overseas with his research related to climate change and public health, with a particular emphasis on air quality. He’s recently been made the Head of a new research group within the School, the Climate, Air quality REsearch Unit (CARE).

Their research outputs over the last 12 months have included papers exploring the links of fine particulate air pollution with both pre-term birth and autism, as well as modelling heat-related deaths in Australia across various scenarios of climate-change mitigation.

Yuming has also actively sought to share his findings with media, and has developed a high media profile over the last year in particular, having been featured on SBS, ABC, Sydney Morning Herald and more.