Recognition of Excellence Award

Occupational Therapy’s Associate Professor Ted Brown has received a significant international occupational therapy award for recognition of his “excellence in education, research, and service” contributions to the profession.

Associate Professor Ted Brown is the Undergraduate Course Coordinator in the Department of Occupational Therapy, and was one of the first four foundation staff members hired in 2005 to set-up and develop our undergraduate occupational therapy course.

Ted was nominated in July 2018 by Professor Sharon Gutman, Professor of Occupational Therapy, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, a fellow academic colleague in the United States, for an award titled “Roster of Fellows for the American Occupational Therapy Association” (AOTA). The AOTA Roster of Fellows (FAOTA) award recognises occupational therapists who through their knowledge, expertise, leadership, advocacy, and/or guidance have made a noteworthy, sustained contribution over time to the profession with a measured impact on consumers of occupational therapy services and/or members of the AOTA.

Successful FAOTA nominees must demonstrate significant contributions across multiple areas (written, oral, audiovisual, research, and education) in addition to involvement in volunteer leadership and service to the occupational therapy profession. It should also be noted that very few individuals from outside the United States are awarded the FAOTA designation. Ted was selected by the AOTA Awards Committee to receive the FAOTA designation based on his “excellence in education, research, and service" to the occupational therapy discipline in the United States and internationally. He received the award at the 2019 AOTA Annual Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana in April  from Dr Amy J. Lamb, AOTA President during the Annual Awards & Recognition Ceremony.

Ted was recognised for his contribution to the occupational therapy discipline nationally in 2017 by being made of the inaugural Fellows of the Occupational Therapy Australia Research Academy (FOTARA). Ted has served on the editorial board of the Australian Occupational Therapy Journal (AOTJ) since 2004 and was the first international candidate to serve as an Associate Editor of the American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT) starting in 2008. Both AOTJ and AJOT are Q1 journals in the occupational therapy discipline. Ted was also one four editors of the first edited book by Australian occupational therapy authors for an Australian occupational therapy student audience titled Occupational Therapy in Australia: Practice and process issues published by Allen and Unwin in 2017.

His contributions to the profession, internationally, are prodigious and far-reaching. Internationally, he is considered an expert in instrument development and pediatric practice. And as an educator for 14 years, he has mentored hundreds of students, many of whom have gone on to assume positions of leadership within practice and academic communities.

We congratulate Ted and the Department of Occupational Therapy in his success and accomplishments.