World renowned Ugandan trauma surgeon to deliver keynote at Global Emergency Care Conference

Alfred Health Emergency and Monash School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine are honoured to host highly acclaimed Ugandan emergency and trauma surgeon Dr Kobusingye as keynote speaker for the eighth annual Global Emergency Care Conference on 18–19 September.

Dr Kobusingye is an expert on the design and implementation of injury surveillance systems, interventions for the prevention of traffic injuries, and emergency trauma care systems in low-income countries.

She established Sub-Saharan Africa’s first hospital-based trauma registry and co-founded the Injury Control Center-Uganda (ICC-U) of which she was the inaugural Executive Director. At the ICC-U, Dr Kobusingye developed a low-cost program designed for low to middle-income counties (LMICs) to teach a multi-disciplinary team approach to trauma evaluation and resuscitation to increase patient outcomes. This led to the first publication of the Trauma Team Training Course, which is still in use today.

In 2000, Dr Kobusingye developed the Kampala Trauma Score (KTS), designed for use in low-resource, low-income settings of LMICs. Her KTS has since been validated and modified by other researchers. Dr Kobusingye was also the founding Secretary General of the Injury Prevention Initiative for Africa and was a past-Chair of the International Network for Clinical Epidemiology (INCLEN) Africa Injury Research Cluster.

Dr Kobusingye is an acclaimed injury and emergency care researcher. As of April 2019, her publications have been cited more than 17,000 times. Her current research interests include road safety, emergency trauma care and injury severity measurement and drowning prevention. Her work has had a profound impact on health outcomes globally.

Alfred Health Emergency (AHE) is excited about the opportunity to develop ties with Dr Kobusingye and her exceptional work program. AHE has been actively involved in global emergency care projects and initiatives for over a decade, and has collaborated with medical and nursing colleagues from across the world to support the development of emergency and trauma care – including projects in Tanzania, India, the Middle East and the Pacific.

See Dr Kobusingye at the Global Emergency Care Conference, 18 & 19 September in Melbourne.

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