Final report Launch for Social Workers

Last week, Judge Amanda Chambers, President of the Children's Court of Victoria, and Magistrate Jennifer Bowles formally launched the Final Report of the Crossover Kids study entitled, ' Crossover Kids: Effective responses to children and young people in the youth justice and statutory Child Protection systems'.

Authored by Professor Rosemary Sheehan and Dr Susan Baidawi, the Report presents the findings of a Criminology Research Grant-funded study from the Australian Institute of Criminology, with additional funding from the Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety.

The report explores the outcomes faced by children who experience involvement with both child protection and youth justice systems in Victoria. Grounded in a two-year study with the Children’s Court of Victoria, the report presents a cohesive picture of the backgrounds, characteristics, and pathways traversed by 'crossover children'. It makes recommendations for improved prevention, diversion, and responsiveness to the unique needs of this group of vulnerable children.

The Final Report and  Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice summary article are both available on the Australian Institute of Criminology's website.

From left to right: Dr Susan Baidawi, Children's Court President Judge Amanda Chambers, Magistrate Jennifer Bowles, Magistrate Fiona Hayes, Professor Rosemary Sheehan.