International award for leading hormone researcher

Professor Helena TeedeEndocrinologist and Director of the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI), Monash School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Professor Helena Teede has been acknowledged as a world-leading Endocrinologist internationally through a prestigious 2021 Laureate Award from the Endocrine Society.

Helena is one of a panel of Laureate winners for this year, receiving the international award for Outstanding Leadership in Endocrinology.

Endocrinologists are scientists and specialist doctors who investigate or treat hormone dysfunction. They deliver discoveries and clinical care benefiting the community across hundreds of hormone related conditions, including diabetes, thyroid disorders, obesity, reproductive health, puberty and menopause, infertility, hormone-related cancers, bone health/osteoporosis and other related conditions across the lifespan. Helena remains a clinically active senior endocrinologist at Monash Health.

Helena is recognised for her leadership in clinical endocrinology, especially in women’s health. She holds numerous leadership roles across healthcare and is a past President of the Endocrine Society of Australia. In her MCHRI capacity she manages her own research portfolio focussing on women’s endocrine health across the lifespan, as well as implementation science, the science of driving uptake of evidence-based knowledge in medical practice. She supports a large team of 180 researcher and students funded through three NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence, NHMRC and international funding.

Outside of this role she serves as Executive Director of Monash Partners Academic Health Research Translation Centre, where she manages relationships with numerous large partner organisations that come together to connect researchers, clinicians and community to innovate for better health.

Helena is also a co-director of the Monash Institute for Medical Engineering (MIME), a role in which she seeks to identify and support the development of innovative practical solutions to real world problems across technologies, devices and digital health solutions that improve health outcomes.

Across all of her work, Helena is conscious of the gender imbalance across medicine and research, and also leads a national program funded by NHMRC that drives evidence based strategies for advancing women in healthcare and academic leadership, creating a richer and more representative healthcare sector. This national partnership includes state and federal government, leading health services and professional Colleges.

Helena has and is supervising 45 PhD students across her career, and 48 Endocrinology trainees in her clinical teaching capacity.

With over 18,000 members, the Endocrine Society is the world’s oldest and largest organisation devoted to hormone research and physicians who care for people with hormone-related conditions. Established in 1944, the Society’s Laureate Awards recognise the highest achievements internationally in the endocrinology field, including ground-breaking research and innovations in clinical care.

Helena will be presented with her award at ENDO 2021, the Society’s annual meeting.

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