Is communication more important than decision making?

Could improvements in paramedic empathy increase patient compliance and decrease clinical error rates as identified in other healthcare settings?  Episode #7 of our paramedicine podcast is now available.

In this episode we speak with Ryan Bennett. Ryan is an alumni with the Monash University Department of Paramedicine and registered Paramedic. Ryan discusses an article he has recently co-authored titled ”Non‐technical skills in paramedicine: A scoping review”.

Interesting insights from the study include;

“In healthcare, empathetic behavior has been linked to increased diagnostic performance, improvement in patient compliance, and, importantly, a decrease in medical error rates (Boyle et al., 2010; Hojat, 2003; Hojat, 2005; Williams et al., 2016).”

“Despite this, paramedics were found to have lower empathetic responses in comparison to non-rescue workers (Guadagni et al., 2018; Janka & Duschek, 2018).”

Link to the study can be found here:

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