Monash schizophrenia research receives donation from One-in-five

Congratulations to Professor Suresh Sundram, Head of the Department of Psychiatry on receiving a donation of $30,800 from One-in-five, an organisation supporting medical research in mental illness.

This donation will help Professor Sundram and his team in extending their understanding of the molecule, betacellulin, its functions in the brain and how it is disrupted in schizophrenia and related disorders.

The aim of this research is to identify how betacellulin may alter signalling pathways and locate putative therapeutic targets. This may then open new ways for treating disorders such as schizophrenia.

Speaking of the donation, Professor Sundram said, "This is an important and welcome donation to continue our work. It is fantastic that organisations like One-in-Five recognise the imperative to understand the molecular causes of major psychiatric disorders".