Not for me, but PHAWRU

Episode #4 of our paramedicine podcast is now available. We chat to Ben Meadly about his co-authored research, “The health and well being of paramedics - a professional priority”.

Ben is a MICA Flight Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria, Adjunct lecturer and PhD student with the Department of Paramedicine at Monash University.

In this episode Ben explains “Occupational physicians and researchers must acknowledge mounting evidence indicating paramedics and other emergency service workers are at risk of significantly poor health outcomes. Research aimed at reducing this burden should involve a whole-body approach, with a focus on areas additional to mental health. We anticipate that the work of the PHAWRU serves to improve outcomes not only in paramedics, but across the emergency services and health professions.”

Ben’s work was recently published in the journal of occupational medicine. Article can be found here:

The Paramedic Health and Wellbeing Research Unit (PHAWRU) at Monash University comprises a collaborative team of researchers, emergency service end-users and paramedic representatives,  and aims to better understand and minimize the negative health impacts of a career in paramedicine. Together, the research team looks to ensure there are evidence-based strategies to improve musculoskeletal, physiological, metabolic, nutritional, mental and sleep health in paramedics.

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