Research into genetics of focal epilepsy wins grant

2019 Perucca group
A/Prof Piero Perucca (centre) with members of his group, Dr Shobi Sivathamboo (left) and Ms Jessica Hutton (right)

Congratulations to Associate Professor Piero Perucca, who has been awarded a grant from the Australian Epilepsy Research Fund for his project, "Uncovering the hidden genetics of non-lesional focal epilepsy". The grant is for $249,815 over two years.

A/Prof Perucca is an epileptologist and leading researcher in the field of epilepsy genetics and the treatment of epilepsy.

Genetic determinants of focal epilepsies have long been underestimated, owing to the widespread perception that these disorders are largely attributable to acquired brain lesions. However, in most cases, no epileptogenic lesion is detectable on MRI (non-lesional focal epilepsies). Led by Associate Professor Perucca, a team from Monash University is setting out to uncover the hidden genetics of non-lesional focal epilepsy through a novel approach combining clinical and molecular research. This research is fundamental for designing novel and more targeted therapies in the future, and for improving patient care.