Avant Doctor in Training scholarship for fetal surveillance research

Congratulations to Dr Vinayak Smith, from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, on receiving the Avant Doctor in Training Full Time Scholarship for his research on medically prescribed outpatient fetal heart rate monitoring (FHR).

Currently, FHR using cardiotocography (CTG) remains one of the most commonly used tests in pregnancy in ensuring the well-being. However, it has several limitations such as being poor at detecting fetal compromise, being an inpatient test and requiring clinician oversight. To improve these, FEMOM, a wearable ambulatory device, was invented to enable woman centric clinical grade FHR monitoring from home.

This $50,000 grant will help Dr Smith and his team to run a first-in-world pilot of a novel approach for fetal heart rate monitoring at home and explore the potential of intensive fetal surveillance in babies with fetal growth restriction.

Speaking of the scholarship success, Dr Smith said, "I'm extremely grateful towards Avant as they continue to support my research into developing novel technologies to better assess fetal well-being.  This brings us one step closer towards a precision medicine technology that can not only help in monitoring the growth restricted fetus, but may reduce the risk of stillbirth whilst aid in the timing of delivery so as to prevent exposure of the fetus to the risk of premature delivery".