Building the healthcare workforce of the future

The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (FMNHS) presented a virtual panel discussion event for career counsellors from top Victorian schools to hear directly from researchers and alumni. If you were unable to attend the virtual event please see the recording of the event below.

On this panel Professor Wayne Hodgson shared his knowledge on the education portfolio and changes that have occurred, Professor Claire Palermo talked about challenges and changes to health care models and Alumni Aira Abarra shared her experience as a nurse.

The panellists talked about how in an ever-changing COVID environment we need to reassure future students that studying and clinical placements will still move forward. FMNHSe have adapted with lectures and tutorials live streamed or pre-recorded via Zoom and there has been an increase in training students via telehealth and on-campus simulations. Professor Wayne Hodgson mentioned that in 2022, all universities will most likely not go back to full capacity yet therefore the aim is to make sure that when students do come onto campus they are getting the best experience with more interactive learning sessions and consolidated classes with smaller tutorials.

According to Professor Claire Palermo,the Faculty is transforming the healthcare workforce of the future by applying innovative teaching practices and continually being conscious about areas that are developing around healthcare practice such as Indigenous health, digital health and sustainability.

The Faculty also provides practical learning experiences and has strong clinical partnerships with major health networks and integrated clinical schools. According to Professor Palermo, “this enables us to have a two-way communication between how we are preparing our graduates to enter this integrated experience and what we are preparing them for. These partnerships facilitate research opportunities and other exciting opportunities for our graduates.”

Aira Abarra, FMNHS alumna adds “I was drawn to Monash University for a number of reasons. It was the impressive facilities showcased in Open Day, simulated demonstrations run by students that had me hook, line and sinker.” With her internationally recognised degrees Aira has landed in a profession that has her whole heart, as a Senior Registered Nurse and Midwife at Monash Health. She strives from caring daily for her patients, improvements in their status and their smiling faces. “The demand for nurses has increased in today's context. Competent nurses have moved to immunisation clinics. Help us, help our workforces and help our society. We need more nurses.”  Nursing is not only limited to the hospital floor, this year, Aira has returned to University to commence a role in sessional teaching. Hear more about Aira’s experiences in the video below.

In FMNHS, more than 13,000 students are enrolled  across a range of undergraduate and graduate courses. With a broad suite of healthcare courses, there are many opportunities for students to engage in a chosen healthcare profession.

Panel speakers included:

Professor Wayne Hodgson, Deputy Dean of Education at Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Professor Claire Palermo, Head of Education, Nutrition and Dietetics
Aira Abarra, Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife at Monash Health and Sessional Academic