Dr Hashrul Rashid's Leaflet Thrombosis research receives further recognition

Hashrul Rashid
Dr Hashrul Rashid

Congratulations to Dr Hashrul Rashid on receiving the RACP Fellow's Research Prize and being selected the First-Runner Up for the ACC Young Investigator Award.

Dr Rashid's study demonstrated that leaflet thrombosis (LT) leads to higher rates of prosthesis dysfunction and repeat valve intervention at a median of 2-year follow-up. In the prosthesis geometry sub-study, he demonstrated that under-expanded and deeper implanted valves were strong predictors of leaflet thrombosis. This would suggest patients with LT should be closely monitored following transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR).

A  PhD student in the Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre and Victorian Heart Institute, Dr Rashid has recently been selected for a highly prestigious fellowship in London at Guy's and St. Thomas Hospital, on both Structural CT and interventional procedures. He will be continuing his work on LT following TAVR under the supervision of Prof Bernard Prendergast, Prof Simon Redwood and Prof Ronak Rajani.

Dr Rashid's presentation at the RACP Fellow's Research Prize was on the long-term clinical impact of LT, which was recently awarded the CSANZ Cardiac Imaging Prize (2020). He also presented the association of prosthesis geometry with leaflet thrombosis following TAVR at the ACC Young Investigator Award, which was recently awarded the ANZET Early Career Research Prize (2020). See full story here.

Dr Rashid said, "I feel honoured to be awarded the RACP Fellow's Research Prize among six research finalists. I was also proud of being a finalist for the most prestigious young investigator award in cardiology (ACC). Though I was placed first-runner up, I am still proud of the support and dedication by the research team at MonashHeart with my studies."