Giving prominence to the patient perspective

Spencer group
L-R: Dr Durga Mithraprabhu, Dr Nick Bingham and Prof Andrew Spencer are part of the panel for the 7 October CARE seminar. Register here

by Drs Catherine Carmichael and Karen Alt

There is an increasing awareness within the health and medical research community that including the patient perspective in research design and implementation greatly enhances the significance, relevance and quality of research outcomes.

Patients, family members and carers (collectively termed “consumers”) bring their valuable lived experience to research teams and contribute to a shared goal of turning new discoveries into better patient outcomes.

Since beginning in February 2021, the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD) Community and Researcher Engagement (CARE) program has received much interest and support from members of the community who have a lived experience of a blood cancer or blood disease.

As part of our ongoing CARE program development and expansion into the Central Clinical School (CCS) more broadly, we are excited to announce the launch of our community webinar series with our first seminar on 7 October (register here).

Focusing on health conditions that researchers at the CCS study, the CARE program will be hosting regular disease-specific webinars aimed at educating and informing the community.

With presentations from expert researchers, clinicians and consumers from the CCS, we will hear about the most up to date research, exciting new therapeutic and diagnostic developments and key consumer advocacy opportunities.

Our webinar series will begin on October 7 at 5:30pm with a special webinar on Multiple Myeloma.

To find out more about other upcoming CARE events, please visit our events webpage