Long-term COVID-19 symptoms

Preliminary findings from a School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine study has found that patients recovering from severe COVID-19 are more likely to have ongoing issues. Trial leader Professor Carol Hodgson said that preliminary trials found 70 per cent of intensive care patients still experience mild symptoms including shortness of breath and weakness, with a small number having a persistent cough, headache, or loss of taste and smell.

The COVID Recovery Study has been tracking about 200 patients across 30 different hospitals in Australia about the lingering impacts of getting the coronavirus, six to 12 months after they were infected.  About two in three Australians have ongoing health issues after getting COVID-19, early results show.

Professor Hodgson told the media that early results showed about 30 per cent of people were “alive and disability free” six months after contracting the virus.

Those who were the most sick were the most likely to have continuing health issues.

More information about this study can be found here.

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