New Graduate Courses for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences to boost COVID-19 recovery

Commonwealth Supported Places – Up to 73% Off Your Course Fees

We are very excited to announce that we have four new Graduate Certificate courses that have been awarded Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) as part of the federal government’s Job-Ready Package. This means that all Australian Citizens/Residents and NZ citizens are eligible for a discount between 46-73% on all 2021 subjects studied in:

Limited places available. Apply online NOW to secure your spot, by following the links above. More information about each course follows.


In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the role of the epidemiologist has never been more important. Being able to quickly mount a coordinated defence against a disease outbreak – or even better, predicting and preventing their occurrence - is crucial to keeping our community safe and healthy.

Whether through contract tracing or data modelling, the ability to find patterns, connect the dots and turn data into insights is essential to the success of Victoria’s health system. These skills will be in-demand among our health workforce.

The Graduate Certificate of Epidemiology builds your knowledge of key epidemiological principles including biostatistics, health promotion and disease. This course will develop your practical epidemiological and data analysis skills, as well as the capacity to apply them in public health contexts. Alongside your core studies, you have the opportunity to explore the epidemiology of communicable and non-communicable diseases, as well as public health challenges, clinical trials and research methods.  Download the course flyer.

“This course will open your mind to the importance of ensuring all populations have good health outcomes. It will teach you how to solve complex health problems and will open doors to exciting, personally satisfying, careers.” Professor Dianna Magliano Course coordinator, Graduate Certificate of Epidemiology

Perioperative Medicine

With Australian life expectancy increasing, so too has the prevalence of chronic disease and disability. With ageing and increased comorbidities, surgeries are becoming more complicated, as is the potential for post surgical complications.

To get the best outcomes for surgical patients, today’s clinicians need to provide end-to-end care - from pre-admission, to surgery, through to recovery and beyond. This emerging field of perioperative medicine takes an integrated, multidisciplinary and personalised approach to patient care.

The Graduate Certificate of Medicine provides you with the knowledge and skills to deliver perioperative care as part of a multidisciplinary team. Delivered with Alfred Health’s Department of Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, this course prepares you to apply perioperative medicine principles to patients with complex, chronic and acute medical conditions requiring surgical interventions. You’ll learn how to create and implement evidence-based perioperative management plans in your workplace, understand risk and optimise care for your patients during the perioperative period. Read the course flyer and apply.

“Surgical patients are getting older and sicker. Many clinicians caring for surgical patients are challenged by the growing complexity of these patients, particularly their perioperative management. Pre-admission clinics are responding, and perioperative medicine is becoming an emerging field. Our courses in perioperative medicine will address deficiencies in this area.” Professor Paul Myles Director, Department of Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine - Monash University and Alfred Hospital

Biomedical Science and Commercialisation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen first-hand how critical is the pathway from discovery to development.

Turning research breakthroughs into life-saving treatments is difficult, and we need a new kind of entrepreneur, who understands both the science and business worlds, to translate and commercialise research and change health outcomes worldwide.

Combine your scientific background with an entrepreneurial mindset with the Graduate Certificate of Biomedical Science and Commercialisation.In this course, you’ll extend your understanding of stem cells and regenerative medicine, and learn cutting-edge techniques in molecular biology. You’ll have opportunities to hone your business skills and explore the research and development process and pathway to commercialisation..

The Graduate Certificate has been developed based on two successful Monash degrees, the Master of Biomedical and Health Science and the Master in Biotechnology, and you will be taught by experts across a range of disciplines including biomedical science, science, business and entrepreneurship.

Be part of the next generation of innovative thinkers, moving research forward, faster. Download our flyer.

“We put commercialisation of research at the core of our strategy because it’s the fastest way to turn biomedical discoveries into new treatments for better health outcomes. Growing the commercialisation capabilities of Australia’s scientific and research workforce will be crucial to tackling global health issues.” Professor John Carroll Director , Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute.

Health Management

The Graduate Certificate of Health Management will enable graduates to pursue leadership and management roles in a range of settings, including hospitals, health services, health related agencies, primary and community care, aged care, not-for-proft, government and non-government sectors. The course allows students to develop the interpersonal communication and team leadership skills required by today’s senior health managers. They will learn how to identify, analyse, research and implement solutions to complex health care problems, and gain an understanding of the latest developments in areas such as health law, health policy and contemporary healthcare systems. Link to flyer.

“Our classes use real world case studies that help you apply knowledge immediately to your workplace experience and the skills learned will help you transition to career opportunities in management.” Professor Susannah Ahern and Professor Jane Banaszak-Holl Co-coordinators, Graduate Certificate in Health Management.