Obstetric Neonatal Emergency Simulation (ONE-Sim) Education recognised

ONE-Sim photo
Monash Health Foundation and ONE-Sim Education team members at FOTCF’s annual dinner

The Obstetric Neonatal Emergency Simulation (ONE-Sim) education program received generous donations from the Friends of the Children Foundation (FOTCF) recently.

The Obstetric Neonatal Emergency Simulation (ONE-Sim) education program was founded and is spearheaded by Associate Professor Arunaz Kumar and Associate Professor Atul Malhotra, with programs currently running in Melbourne and in a number of countries in Asia-Pacific region and Africa. ONE-Sim provides local healthcare professionals, education about dealing with complex childbirth and new-born emergency situations, through hands-on experience using simple simulation technology.

Thanks to generous donations of over $15,000 from FOTCF, ONE-Sim will now be able to purchase vital maternal and neonatal manikins for their expanding workshop program. FOTCF, led by Shashi Kochhar OAM is a community organisation that has raised more than $100,000 for various Monash Health teams over the last few years.

ONE-Sim photo
A/Prof Arunaz Kumar and A/Prof Atul Malhotra with FOTCF founder, Shashi Kochhar OAM

During the pandemic, many of the ONE-Sim international courses have been conducted online, while hybrid courses (both in person and online) have been running at Monash Children's Hospital Simulation Centre.

The workshops provide opportunities for doctors, midwives, and nurses from different specialties (including GP, maternity, paediatrics, ED, anaesthetics) to practise the technical and teamwork skills which are known to have a positive impact on the management of obstetric and neonatal emergencies.

"We are grateful to the Friends of the Children Foundation for their generous donation for the purchase of vital maternal and neonatal manikins", said Associate Professor Malhotra.

ONE-Sim Education's global health education program is completely funded by philanthropic grants and community support.

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