Professor Megan Galbally appointed as new Professor and Director of the Centre for Women’s and Children’s Mental Health

Monash University is proud to announce the joint appointment, commencing 17 January 2022, of Professor Megan Galbally as Professor and Director of the Centre for Women’s and Children’s Mental Health at Monash University’s School of Clinical Sciences (SCS) and the Monash Medical Centre (MMC) at Monash Health.

The Centre for Women’s and Children’s Mental Health (the Centre) provides a centre of excellence for teaching and research into developmental psychology, child and perinatal psychiatry and women’s mental health.

Building on the exemplary work of her predecessors, Professors Bruce Tonge and Louise Newman, Professor Galbally brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to continue to advance mental health in children and women through excellence in education and research.

A Monash University medical graduate, Professor Galbally trained in psychiatry in Melbourne, going on to gain extensive experience in perinatal mental health, focussing particularly on the care of women with psychotic illnesses.

For the past five years, Professor Galbally held position as the Professor of Perinatal Mental Health at Murdoch University, working clinically in Perth at the Fiona Stanley Hospital and later at the King Edward Memorial Hospital as the Director of Psychiatry, Women’s Health and Genetics.

Currently, Professor Galbally is Chair of the WA Branch of RANZCP, National Chair of Section of Perinatal and Infant Psychiatry RANZCP and Secretary for the Women’s Health Taskforce of the World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry.  Megan is a past President of the Australian Marce Society of Perinatal Mental Health.

Monash University and Monash Health welcomes Professor Galbally to her new role at the Centre, where diverse academic disciplines and resources will be brought together for the purpose of advancing the mental health of women and children.

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