Webinar: Pandemics and Global Inequity

Monash School of Medicine is proud to host the ‘Pandemics and Global Inequity’ webinar as part of the Global Alliance of Medical Excellence (GAME) conference.

The webinar taking place on 28 July 2021 showcased:

  • What do pandemics reveal about global equity?
  • The role of oxygen in healthcare
  • Translating research into oxygen innovation
  • Global crisis and its impact on humanitarian assistance

With an impressive line-up of guest speakers including:

  • Dr. Seuhee Yoo

Dr Yoo is an internal medicine specialist who has worked with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) since 2013 in Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Jordan.

Currently, she is working as Director of the emergency department and as a medical doctor for COVID-19 Isolation Unit in National Medical Center in South Korea. She is also now working as Vice-President of MSF Japan.

  • Dr David Peake

Dr. David Peake is co-founder and director at FREO2 Foundation. Dr Peake completed his PhD in Accelerator Physics in 2012 during which he worked with Dr Sobott on developing solutions to increase access to medical oxygen in low-resource settings. Dr Peake is a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, leading FREO2 innovation projects

  • Dr Bryn Sobott

Dr Bryn Sobott is Co-founder and Director at FREO2 Foundation. As he was concluding his PhD in Physics in 2010, he learned that Pneumonia is the single biggest killer of children worldwide and that many of these preventable deaths are due to scarcity of medical oxygen. Bryn started inventing appropriate oxygen technologies and building an international network of partners.

  • Leith Greenslade

Leith is founder and CEO of JustActions and Coordinator of the Every Breath Counts Coalition - supporting low-and-middle-income countries to reduce deaths from pneumonia, including COVID-19. Leith has served as Policy Advisor and Speechwriter to the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Minister for Health. Leith holds a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School and a Masters in Business Administration from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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