2022 ASPIRE award for inspiring work in Metabolic Imaging

2022 ASPIRE award
2022 ASPIRE award winners including Dr Fabrizzio Horta

Congratulations to Dr Fabrizzio Horta who has been awarded the 2022 ASPIRE Young Investigator Award. This award acknowledges outstanding research proposals which contribute to the advancement of scientific and technological advancements.

“I am thrilled to be awarded the Young Investigator Award for our work in Metabolic Imaging. This is a great recognition by the Asia Pacific Initiative on reproduction, ASPIRE,” Dr Horta said.

The award recognises his work in non-invasive metabolic imaging during early embryo development using simple technology. This is significant for the team as they have developed novel technology with the department of mechanical engineering at Monash University that has the potential to revolutionise the way we assess gametes and embryos in IVF treatments.