Clinician scientist Associate Professor Eliza Hawkes wins Veski award

Associate Professor Eliza Hawkes is a clinician scientist, Clinical Lymphoma Lead and a Monash University Senior Postdoctoral Fellow within the transfusion Research Unit at SPHPM and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre, Austin Health has been granted a Victorian Near-Miss Award. Her program explores novel ways to harness the power of immune therapies in lymphoma - a type of blood cancer. See 16 June veski media release.

The Victorian Near-Miss Award is a pilot scheme in 2022, administered by veski, which aims to provide financial support to eligible individuals who narrowly miss out on the 2021 NHMRC Investigator Grant funding in the Emerging Leaders 2 stream.

The Award, valued at $74,000 AUD to be matched by the employing institution or University, supports medical research for a 12-month period to enable emerging researchers in Victoria’s health and medical research workforce to recover from impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, assist in their retention in the sector, and improve their competitiveness for future funding opportunities from both government and non-government funding sources.

“I am pleased to be supported by the Victorian Government on this important Near-miss Award pilot, as my decade of career disruptions compounded by Covid-19 have led to an unconventional career path and my NHMRC Early Career Fellowship came to an end in 2021,” said Associate Professor Hawkes.

“Monash university and now the Victorian Government have recognised the challenges associated with this and have allowed me to continue my momentum in Lymphoma research as there is still so much to do to improve the lives of lymphoma patients,” she said.