Congratulations to all Central Clinical School recently promoted researchers!

CCS staff promotions
L-R: Top row - Ana Antonic-Baker, Angela Burge, Pablo Casillas-Espinosa, Zhibin (Ben) Chen, Omer Gilan Middle row - Jhih-Hang Jiang, Stuart McDonald, Andrew Neal, Jason Ong, Isaak Quast Bottom row - Sarah Rotstein, Bridgette Semple, Shóbi Sivathamboo, Kelly Wyres, Glenn Yamakawa

Congratulations to our fifteen academic staff - researchers and lecturers - who have recently received a promotion.

Professor Terry O'Brien, Head of School said, "Warmest congratulations to everyone who has been promoted.

"This is a wonderful outcome, not only for our individual researchers and teachers, but how it represents the extraordinary talent and energy of the entire school."

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Level D: to Associate Professor (Research)

Jason Ong, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre

Bridgette Semple, Department of Neuroscience

Level C: Senior Research Fellow

Pablo Casillas-Espinosa, Department of Neuroscience

Zhibin (Ben) Chen, Department of Neuroscience

Omer Gilan, Australian Centre for Blood Diseases

Stuart McDonald, Department of Neuroscience

Andrew Neal, Department of Neuroscience

Isaak Quast, Department of Immunology and Pathology

Sarah Rotstein, Department of Psychiatry (Senior Lecturer)

Kelly Wyres, Department of Infectious Diseases

Level B (Research Fellow)

Ana Antonic-Baker, Department of Neuroscience

Angela Burge, Department of Respiratory Research@Alfred

Jhih-Hang Jiang, Department of Infectious Diseases

Shóbi Sivathamboo, Department of Neuroscience

Glenn Yamakawa, Department of Neuroscience