Doctor What? Doctor Where? podcast explores rural recreation and adventures

The fifth episode of the Doctor What? Doctor Where? Stories of Rural Medicine podcast - rural recreation and adventures - is now available.

Having a fantastic experience working and training in medicine in regional Victoria is really important, but you might have some hesitation about the lifestyle aspects of living in a regional city or rural town.

The range of interests you can pursue in regional Victoria are far beyond anything you can do in a metro city. From snow sports in the state's east, to mountain bike riding just about anywhere. Even unlikely pursuits like winemaking are possible!

Listen to doctors across Victoria share their life outside of work in this episode of Doctor What? Doctor Where? Stories of Rural Medicine.

Episode guests

  • Dr Simon Smith, Clinical Unit Head of the Emergency Department at Bendigo Health
  • Dr Alison Walker, Director of ICU and Anaesthesia at Mildura Base Public Hospital
  • Dr Stuart Anderson, GP at Maffra Medical Group

Episode resources

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The Doctor What? Doctor Where? Stories of Rural Medicine podcast is produced by Monash Rural Health’s Regional Training Hubs and funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health, Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program.