New Monash pathway boosts regional doctors' teaching skills

Over fifty regional doctors from across the Loddon Mallee and Gippsland regions have strengthened their clinical teaching skills by successfully completing stage one of the Monash Rural Health Clinical Teaching and Education Pathway.

The doctors from a number of regional health services and general practice clinics, including Bendigo Health, Central Gippsland Health Service, Latrobe Regional Hospital and the West Gippsland Healthcare Group, took part in the four hour workshops, which made up stage one of the three stage program. Participation in the program was sponsored by the two Monash Regional Training Hubs - the Gippsland Regional Training Hub and the North West Victorian Regional Training Hub - who support junior doctors to live, work and train regionally.

The program was originally developed by Monash Rural Health’s Dr Lisa Hall, Senior Lecturer in Education and Evaluation, to strengthen teaching and supervisory capacities among registrars working within regional health services. After a successful pilot run with Bendigo Health in 2021, the program is now being rolled out to health services across the Monash Rural Health footprint.

“Through our work with Bendigo Health, we identified a need for doctors to develop their clinical teaching knowledge and skills,” explained Dr Lisa Hall.

“Teaching is a key part of medicine - and throughout a doctor’s career, they will be required to teach many medical students and trainee doctors, but often they don’t get offered the chance themselves to learn how to do this well. We wanted to help doctors develop these skills practically and locally, as well as giving them the chance to explore if it was an area of professional interest they would like to develop further.”

For Dr Arun Mangalath Anil from Latrobe Regional Hospital, taking part in the Introduction to Clinical Teaching and Education workshop helped increase his confidence as an educator.

"Teaching has always been one of my passions and I always wanted to be the kind of teacher who would know how to best deliver information to students in a form they could process most efficiently. The introductory session was a great window to the ethos of the Australian medical education system. The interaction with the facilitator and fellow delegates enriched my knowledge on teaching and helped to modify my approach to students."

Following successful completion of stage one, doctors are supported by the Monash Regional Training Hubs to complete stage two - a full day course delivered by the Monash Centre for Scholarship in Health Education which focuses on quality supervision. Doctors who complete this training will be prioritised for education positions with Monash Rural Health and their regional health service. They also have the opportunity to complete an assessment component, which provides credit towards a graduate qualification from Monash University.

Dr Emily Kelly, an Obstetrics and Gynaecology registrar at Bendigo Health, was among the first participants to complete the Clinical Teaching and Education Pathway through the pilot program in 2021.

“I am finding it transformative and, as I enter into a senior registrar role, it is particularly poignant.”

The Clinical Learning and Teaching Pathway will soon be extended to Mildura, due to be delivered there for the first time in late June.

If you are a regional doctor or health service interested in learning more about this pathway, please contact:

Amy Allen
Gippsland Regional Training Hub Manager

Sophie Burke
North West Victorian Regional Training Hub Manager

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