Saving a new life one book at a time

A new publication, The Newborn Emergency Medication Book has just been released thanks to a clinical collaboration between Monash Medical Centre Paediatric ED and Monash Newborn.

The project has been led by Megan Clark, Dr Risha Bhatia, Kate Duthie and Prof Simon Craig, Department of Paediatrics. In the process, it has been supported by Monash University final year medical students and nursing staff from Monash Newborn.

It is designed to reduce medication errors in the high-stress setting of the initial resuscitation and ongoing care of a critically ill newborn.

“This collaboration between Monash Newborn and ED has resulted in a book that we hope will be of benefit to unwell infants as well as the teams caring for vulnerable infants in extremely challenging circumstances. It has been a privilege to work with this team,” Dr Bhatia said.

Although the book has only just been launched, Megan Clark and her detailed work on the book have already been acknowledged, receiving the William Mercer Young Achiever award from the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia.

“When we identified a gap in neonatal emergency resuscitation, we set out to write this book to help reduce medication errors in a high-stress environment. It is an incredible feeling to see this come to fruition after 2 years and I feel very grateful to be part of an amazing team. I am honoured to have been awarded the SHPA William Mercer Young Achiever award for my contribution to this project,” Ms Clark said.

The publication builds on the success of an existing Monash Children’s Paediatric Emergency Medication Book which has sold more than 800 copies to hospitals across Australia.

The team behind The Newborn Emergency Medication Book is very excited to share the release into clinical spaces over the coming weeks.

For more information and to get a copy of your own, please visit