Education Fellows 2023

The Office of the Deputy Dean Education would like to announce and introduce you to the successful Education Fellows for 2023.

Education Fellowships are a new initiative of the Office of the Deputy Dean Education that aims to assist in the development of high quality education practice, and associated relevant evaluation or research. They are focussed on identified priorities of the Faculty to ensure our students graduate as practice-ready professionals who serve society and improve populations’ health outcomes, as well as being at the forefront of research, innovation and future health discoveries.

 Dr Liza Barbour - Co-designing planetary health curriculum for health profession education: empowering students and increasing educator capacity.
Liza’s project will 1) engage health profession students to co-design a suite of Planetary Health Education teaching and learning materials, 2) empower and inspire Faculty educators to integrate these into existing curricula, and 3) evaluate the impact of this co-design process on educator and student capacity.
 Associate Professor Gabrielle Brand - Building FMNHS educator and researcher capacity to co-design health profession education (HPE) and curricula with healthcare consumers across 4 phases.
Gabrielle’s project aims to 1) Develop a curricula framework for co-designing HPE; 2) Trial and refine a framework across five learning contexts and discipline pilot projects; 3) Co-design a FMNHS online education program; 4) Disseminate and evaluate curricula framework and education program.
 Dr Janeane Dart - Towards a culture of curriculum co-design and engagement: Engaging students as partners.
Janeane’s project aims to explore current approaches to co-design with students across the faculty and to expand educators’ and students’ capacity to curricula co-design across three phases: 1) Mapping current faculty co-design activities and approaches; 2) Exploring educators' and students’ perspectives to co-design; 3) Showcasing current exemplars and developing learning and teaching materials to support co-design including dissemination and recommendations.
Dr Melanie Farlie - A design-based implementation project evaluating the coherence of health professions entry-to-practice curricula with preparation for working with older adults.
Mel’s project aims to use co-design to develop a consumer informed curriculum assessment tool. This tool will be designed to evaluate integrated curricula in the faculty to identify curriculum elements that potentially prepare graduates to work with older people. Recommendations guiding the prioritisation ongoing curricula improvement effort will be a key outcome of this project.
 Dr Kim Johnson - Co-creating learning through meaningful collaboration: Bringing together voices to inform mental health and wellbeing education for applied work readiness.
Kim’s project aims to align mental health education with mental health best practice, through developing frameworks which guide co-design of curriculum with diverse disciplines, industry and people with lived experience of mental health and other challenges. Addressing stigma through co-design of student lived experience inclusion will also be a focus of the project, culminating in the development of a repository of lived experience content which can augment the curriculum.
 Associate Professor Zerina Tomkins - Framing postgraduate curriculum and assessment for Digital Health.
Zerina’s project aims to develop and pilot a model of simulated learning for digital health (SLeDH) curriculum at postgraduate level, including teaching methods and assessments, graduate skills, attributes, and competencies.

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