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Simon Craig

Setting the priorities for paediatric emergency medicine research

A large collaborative study of paediatric emergency researchers has identified asthma management, emergency intubation, imaging of suspected cervical spine injuries and management of sepsis as priority areas for future multicentre research.

Clinical Sciences 17 January, 2018
Diana Egerton-Warburton

Alcohol-related harm taking a toll in hospital emergency departments—more than half a million admissions each year

A world-first research study investigating the burden of alcohol harm has revealed that almost one in ten presentations to hospital emergency departments is alcohol-related.

Clinical Sciences 17 January, 2018
Professor Jamie Rossjohn

Monash extends collaboration with Janssen on psoriasis prevention

Monash University announced an extension of its collaboration with Janssen Biotech, Inc., one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, where researchers will investigate triggers of the immune-mediated disease, psorias

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 8 January, 2018
From L-R:Dr Jasmine Li, Professor Stephen J Turner, Dr Moshe Olshansky, Dr Brendan Russ.

Key to immune system’s memory revealed

Monash BDI scientists have defined a novel molecular ‘blueprint’ that plays a pivotal part in the immune system’s ability to fight disease by ‘remembering’ infections.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 20 December, 2017

Monash University to spearhead life-saving research at Australia’s first dedicated heart hospital

Monash University today welcomed the news that the Victoria State Government has delivered on its promise to fund Australia’s first standalone, dedicated heart hospital, the Victorian Heart Hospital.

Victorian Heart Hospital 18 December, 2017

Suite of Monash papers shed light on decade-long stem cell mystery

A series of studies led by Monash University researcher Associate Professor Jose Polo have this week shed light on vital, yet previously unclear, aspects of cell reprogramming.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 8 December, 2017
Fiona Brown

Study uncovers protein link in red blood cell development

Researchers at the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases(ACBD) have furthered their work into Dynamin 2 (DNM2) in a paper providing the first evidence that the gene plays a role in developing red blood cells.

Clinical Sciences 7 December, 2017
Julian Elliott

Monash researcher leads drive to better manage global research ‘deluge’

Associate Professor Julian Elliott and his team are trialing what he has termed ‘living systematic reviews’ (LSR), enlisting methods including online platforms, artificial intelligence and ‘citizen science&am

Clinical Sciences 7 December, 2017
David Tarlinton

Never a better time for immunology, says Department head

Professor David Tarlinton, one of Australia's foremost B-cell immunologists, reflects on his time in the field, his role heading Monash University’s Department of Immunology and Pathology, and tells of his own laboratory&am

Clinical Sciences 7 December, 2017
Jayashri Kulkarni

What's in a name? Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder and its links with other disorders.

A team of Monash University researchers and clinicians are at the forefront of taking important steps to understanding and treating a frequently misdiagnosed mental illness.

Clinical Sciences 7 December, 2017

OT Student project features on TV

A Participatory Community Placement Project from students within the Masters of occupational therapy Practice course was recently featured on the ABC’s ‘Gardening Australia’ program.

Primary Health Care 6 December, 2017
Supervisor connect

MNHS launches online research project hub

Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences has launched an exciting new online platform that makes it easy for talented PhD candidates globally to connect with research supervisors.

Education 5 December, 2017

Minister launches State-wide service to help women with PCOS

The Hon Minister Jill Hennessy, Minister for Health and Ambulance Services opened the long anticipated PCOS Service of Excellence at the Monash Medical Centre in Clayton last month.

Clinical Sciences 5 December, 2017
Elizabeth Sigston

Disease of moving parts: examining the puzzle of cancer

“Cancer is not one disease, but many,” says Dr Elizabeth Sigston, a Hudson Institute of Medical Research PhD student, Monash University lecturer and Monash Health ENT surgeon, who specialises in head and neck cancers.

Clinical Sciences 5 December, 2017
Kiri Beilby

Monash scientist to become future global leader of women in STEM

Dr Kiri Beilby from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has been accepted into the prestigious Homeward Bound Global Leadership program for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Clinical Sciences 5 December, 2017
Harshal Nandurkar

Scientists find key to miscarriages in blood clotting disorder

Monash University researchers have potentially shed light on why women with the rare autoimmune disorder Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) are prone to successive pregnancy losses.

Clinical Sciences 29 November, 2017
Kit Fairley

Congratulations to Prof Kit Fairley on ASHA award!

Congratulations to Professor Christopher (Kit) Fairley, Director of the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC), who has won the Australasian Sexual Health Alliance (ASHA) Distinguished Services to Sexual Health Award.

Clinical Sciences 29 November, 2017
Lap band surgery

Lap Band study shows positive outcomes for diabetes patients

A Monash University study on the effect of bariatric surgery on obese people with type 2 diabetes has showed that most patients experienced sustained weight loss with nearly a fifth in remission from the disease. Moreover, many patients reported i

Clinical Sciences 29 November, 2017
Ali Crichton

Fellowship enables research to improve outcomes for children with brain injury

Clinical neuropsychologist Dr Ali Crichton receives of the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health (SCS) 2018 Early Career Practitioner Fellowship.

Clinical Sciences 28 November, 2017

Prestigious Fellowship to improve outcomes for patients with autoimmune disease

Senior Research Fellow Dr Joshua Ooi has been awarded the 2017 Al and Val Rosenstrauss Research Fellowship to further his research into ANCA-associated vasculitis, a severe autoimmune disease that can destroy the kidneys and lungs.

Clinical Sciences 28 November, 2017