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Diabetes action

Urgent action required on diabetes, 'the greatest epidemic'

Professor Paul Zimmet, one of the world's leading experts on diabetes, has slammed Australia's use of "60-year-old drugs" as first-line treatments for the disease impacting around two million people.

Clinical Sciences
Tarlinton group

Revealed: the enzyme behind immune cell activity

Monash University researchers have revealed the role played by an enzyme that is pivotal to the process of clearing infection in the body.

Clinical Sciences
Yahya Shehabi

Simple blood test reduces antibiotic use in patients with acute respiratory infections

Patients with acute respiratory infections should be tested for a blood marker for bacterial infection to determine antibiotic treatment, according to a large international study including researchers at Monash University.

Clinical Sciences
Molly Johnston

Are Australian women being ‘left out in the cold’ over policies governing egg freezing?

Australia is experiencing the growing global trend of women freezing their eggs for fertility preservation providing the option for thawing and IVF treatment in future to have children.

Clinical Sciences
Dr Julia Choate

BDI Physiology lecturer gains prestigious national teaching award

Senior Lecturer in Physiology, Dr Julia Choate, has been recognised by a Federal Government award for teaching excellence. Dr Choate was presented with a 2017 Australian Award for University Teaching, a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to St

Biomedicine Discovery Institute

For data with destiny, track postgraduate careers

A recent study from Deakin University’s Trina Jorre de St Jorre (“Uni graduates told: Sell your employment talents to bosses”, October 2) revealed that university graduates need to market their talents better to prosp

Kay Nguo

Dr Kay Nguo awarded ECR Publication Prize

Dr Kay Nguo from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics was recently awarded the Jenny Keating Early Career Researcher Publication Prize for Nursing and Allied Health Research.

Clinical Sciences
Stephen Opat

World’s largest clinical trial in follicular lymphoma gives hope to patients

Follicular lymphoma patients treated with a therapy known as obinutuzumab in combination with chemotherapy leads to significant improvements in how the disease is controlled.

Clinical Sciences