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High fat diet

Monash/Chinese researchers probe high-fat seizure-reducing diet

A high-fat diet used to treat epilepsy in children has become the focus of a newly established collaboration between Monash University’s Department of Neuroscience and Chinese researchers.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 14 February, 2019
Silvana Marasco

Rib fixation: becoming popular but does it benefit patients?

A paper by Monash University researchers and surgeons at the Alfred Hospital has cast doubt on the growing practice of rib fixation in some patients with chest injuries.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 7 February, 2019

A $140,000 donation kicks off research for Visual Snow

Thanks to a donation from the US-based non-profit Visual Snow Initiative (VSI), Monash University Department of Neuroscience researchers, Associate Professor Joanne Fielding and Professor Owen White, will conduct Australia’s

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 1 February, 2019

Study sheds light on reason why children fare worse after brain injury

Growing research suggests that children may be more vulnerable to developing long-term cognitive and social behaviour problems after traumatic brain injury (TBI) compared to adults but the reasons why are unclear.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 31 January, 2019

Getting inside the RAGE

Monash researchers have discovered a new way to block the effects of RAGE. No, not the angry (incredible hulk) kind of rage. But it may be just as important.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 13 December, 2018
Rob Medcalf

Novel test may transform stroke treatment

A collaboration led by Professor Robert Medcalf, Central Clinical School, backed by NHMRC funding, will develop new drugs to reduce harmful side effects of the current treatment of acute ischaemic stroke (AIS).

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 13 December, 2018
Andrew Wei

World-first trials to test new blood cancer treatment for elderly

Associate Professor Andrew Wei has been awarded a four-year $1.07M NHMRC project grant to conduct research improving outcomes for elderly people with AML.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 13 December, 2018
Vilija Jokubaitis

Monash study to better inform pregnant women with MS

Dr Vilija Jokubaitis will be able to further her current research into MS, prognosis and pregnancy thanks to a $470,000 grant from the NHMRC.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 13 December, 2018
David Curtis

Scientists take new approach to tackle chemo-evading blood cancer

Professor David Curtis, Central Clinical School, has been funded in the NHMRC grants for his research on the mechanisms behind acute leukaemia's resistance to chemotherapy.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 13 December, 2018