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Healthy volunteers needed for MRI brain scans

We are seeking a group of healthy volunteers to participate in a MRI brain imaging research study in MND.

Clinical Sciences 8 May, 2018
Anselm Wong

Monash toxicology research receives recognition

Monash toxicology and the Monash Emergency Research Collaborative (MERC) received two of the three research awards at the recent Toxicologist and Poisons Network Australia (TAPNA) annual scientific meeting, held in Sydney.

Clinical Sciences 8 May, 2018
Eva Segelov

Monash oncologist included in “Women in Sciences 2018 Book Collection”

Professor Eva Segelov has been included in the inaugural IntechOpen “Women in Sciences 2018 Book Collection”, celebrating and supporting women scientists worldwide.

Clinical Sciences 8 May, 2018
Maurice Eisenbruch

World Bank Award supports Monash research to prevent gender-based violence

Professor Maurice Eisenbruch from the Department of Psychiatry was recognised last month for his work in preventing gender-based violence in Cambodia with a prestigious World Bank Award.

Clinical Sciences 8 May, 2018
Ai Li Yeo

Unnecessary pathology testing the focus of emerging research at Monash Health

Electronic Medical Records Benefits Fellow Dr Ai Li Yeo has received a competitive Monash Health emerging research fellowship in recognition of her research into unnecessary pathology testing.

Clinical Sciences 8 May, 2018

Monash study reveals insights into brain injury, blood carbon dioxide levels and hospital deaths

A large multi-centre study has made an important finding about the relationship between hypercapnia (high carbon dioxide or CO2) in the blood of patients with acute brain injury and hospital mortality. CO2 makes your blood more acidic which, if

Clinical Sciences 3 May, 2018

Monash clinical trials fundraising success

A spectacular night of 1920s elegance and jazzy revelling was embraced by 220 guests at a ‘Great Gatsby’ themed ball held at Bunjil Place on Saturday 14 April.

Clinical Sciences 1 May, 2018
Ben Rogers

Screening for TB will benefit kidney transplant patients from high-risk countries

Patients from high-risk countries should be screened for tuberculosis prior to renal transplants, according to Monash research published in Nephrology.

Clinical Sciences 1 May, 2018