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Research findings may change oxygen use in ICUs across the globe

A world-first trial by researchers at Monash University could change how oxygen is administered to millions of people in intensive care units across the world.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 15 October, 2019
Monash University news

Congratulations to our new AAHMS Fellows

This week, the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences (AAHMS) has elected five Fellows from Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, in recognition of their distinguished achievements and contributions to health and medical science

Research 11 October, 2019
DOHaD 2019 will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Investing in a healthy future for all

The World Congress on Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre from 20-23 October 2019. This congress has been years in the making, with two Monash scientists leading the successful

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 9 October, 2019
Monash Warwick Alliance Professor of Sustainable Chemistry and researcher at the Monash BDI, Professor Greg Challis.

Pathogen treatment one step closer

One of the WHO’s three critical priority pathogens, Acinetobacter baumannii, for which new antibiotics are urgently needed is one step closer to being tackled.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 8 October, 2019
Associate Professor Renea Taylor.

Funding boost to find new gene test for high-risk prostate cancers

A genetic test to detect deadly prostate cancers could be one step closer today, following a $500,000 grant for new research funded by Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 1 October, 2019
Image by Charles Bayly-Jones. Depicting the proposed mechanism by which MPEG1 acts to kill bacteria within the macrophage phagolysosome. MPEG1 orientation prevents damaging the macrophage membrane.

Scientists make inroads in understanding how immune cells kill bacteria

Gaining knowledge on how our bodies manage to kill bacteria helps scientists learn why one person’s immune system may be working better, worse or differently than others. This is key to ensuring we understand how to fight infections and

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 23 September, 2019
Clockwise: Dr Timothy Tucey, Dr Shane Landry, Dr Mitchell Lawrence.

ECR Publication Prizes for outstanding research

Congratulations to three Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) early career researchers (ECRs) who have been recognised with Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences’ ECR Publication Prizes.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 17 September, 2019
Associate Professor Grainne Moran, Dr Lisa Yen, Dr Georg Ramm, Dr Robert Robinson, Professor James Whisstock, Professor Ian Smith, Professor Marc Parlange, Professor Julie Cairney, Professor Jo Etheridge, Professor Paul Bonnington, Dr Greg Smith and

A Victorian node: Monash University joins Microscopy Australia

Monash University has officially become host to the new Victorian node of Microscopy Australia, a consortium of university-based microscopy facilities that enables researchers from universities and industry to share access to high-end microscopy

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 16 September, 2019
Associate Professor Chrishan Samuel.

Talking receptors may affect relaxin at work

A Monash BDI researcher leading a team investigating the promising anti-fibrotic effects of a drug version of the hormone, relaxin, has discovered that the receptor through which it mediates its therapeutic actions can communicate and/or interact

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 12 September, 2019