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Ross Dickins

Old cells, new tricks - Monash led study challenges our understanding of leukaemia

Researchers from Monash University have discovered a key reason why acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) is so difficult to treat and therefore cure.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 8 August, 2019
Associate Professor Andrew Wei

New treatment of acute myeloid leukemia achieves remarkable results in a disease formerly with little hope

The prognosis for older patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is poor: very few achieve remission and for those that don’t the option is largely palliative. Every year almost 1000 Australians die of the disease and clinical trials into

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 21 March, 2019
Dr Kim Good-Jacobson

GSK puts Australian researchers on Discovery Fast Track

Dr Kim Good-Jacobson from the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute is one of the winners of the GSK 2018 Discovery Fast Track Challenge and is looking at how to target and destroy antibody producing cells that cause autoimmune diseases.

Biomedicine Discovery Institute 21 March, 2019
Andrew Wei

World-first trials to test new blood cancer treatment for elderly

Associate Professor Andrew Wei has been awarded a four-year $1.07M NHMRC project grant to conduct research improving outcomes for elderly people with AML.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 13 December, 2018
Kevin Gillinder

Congratulations to Dr Kevin Gillinder on Ruby Red Foundation grant!

Congratulations to Dr Kevin Gillinder for his grant from the Ruby Red Foundation to work on genes causing blood cancer!

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 26 July, 2018
Andrew Wei

Monash researchers to run world-first leukaemia “platform” trial

A national clinical trial program led by Monash University researchers testing drugs that may help patients with an aggressive form of leukaemia receives a federal government grant of more than $1.5million.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 14 February, 2018
Andrew Wei

Funding boost for research on rare cancers and diseases

Congratulations to the medical researchers from The Alfred and Monash University who have scooped more than $5.5million in funding to tackle rare cancers and diseases!

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 6 February, 2018

Monash’s life-changing medical research supported by new national funding

Monash Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences has attracted major new funding for life-changing medical research projects.

The Medical Research Future Fund is a new funding scheme that supports Australia’s leading medical researchers. Medicine 22 January, 2018

2016 Jody Haigh group

Finding boosts target hopes for aggressive blood cancers

Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD) researcher, Associate Professor Jody Haigh's research reported in September 2016 on ZEB2, a protein implicated in certain aggressive leukaemias has since been bolstered by the revelation of a novel

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 1 March, 2017