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Monash University news

Congratulations to our new AAHMS Fellows

This week, the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences (AAHMS) has elected five Fellows from Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, in recognition of their distinguished achievements and contributions to health and medical science

Research 11 October, 2019

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Wrong

A new study shows that, contrary to popular belief, eating or not eating breakfast has little bearing on weight.

Lens 08 February, 2019

Eating breakfast may not be a good strategy for weight loss

There is no good evidence to support the idea that eating breakfast promotes weight loss or that skipping breakfast leads to weight gain, according to a new study led by SPHPM’s Katherine Sievert and Professor Flavia Cicuttini.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 31 January, 2019
Doctor and patient

Preterm, low birth-weight babies may need new hips in adulthood

Researchers from Monash University have found that low birth weight and preterm birth are linked to increased risk for osteoarthritis-related hip   replacements in adulthood.

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 3 November, 2014
Doctor and patient

Yearly treatment could slow osteoarthritis

Researchers are trialling a once-a-year treatment to slow osteoarthritis.

Led by Monash University Professor Flavia Cicuttini, the researchers are looking at whether medications currently

Research 22 September, 2014