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Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day in the best way possible

Every May 20th marks International Clinical Trials Day, and our School had an opportunity to celebrate in an extraordinary way this year; two of our major clinical trials were recognised with awards from the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 21 May, 2019
Professor Paul Myles, Head of Alfred Health's and Monash University's Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine.

Landmark Lancet series reveals poor management of surgery pain key contributor to global opioid crisis

A landmark series in The Lancet, led by Monash University Professor Paul Myles, reveals that a major contributor to the global opioid epidemic is inappropriately managed post-surgery pain that becomes chronic and long-lasting.

Research 12 April, 2019

Monash study reveals flawed data influenced WHO oxygen guidelines

A study by a Monash University professor has exposed compromised data that was used by the World Health Organization (WHO) to support its guidelines on administering highly concentrated oxygen to all patients having surgery.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 14 March, 2019
Paul Myles

More IV fluids during surgery is beneficial: RELIEF study

A global study led by Monash University and The Alfred has found giving patients more IV fluids during surgery can reduce the risk of kidney damage and wound infection post-surgery, solving a decades-old debate.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 10 May, 2018
Paul Myles

International infection protocol challenged

The World Health Organization (WHO)’s recommended guidelines on surgical wound infection, one of the most common serious post-operative complications, has been questioned by Monash University researcher and Alfred Health clinician Professor

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 31 January, 2018
Karen Alt

Congratulations to Central Clinical School NHMRC & MRFF Fellows for 2018!

Congratulations to all National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Fellowship recipients in Central Clinical School (CCS) starting in 2018!

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 8 November, 2017
Paul Myles

Professor Paul Myles receives Excellence in Research award

Congratulations to Professor Paul Myles, who has been awarded the Excellence in Research Award from the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)!

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 30 August, 2017

A great day for Australian medical research

The Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) recently presented its 2017 Trial of the Year Award to Professor Paul Myles and co-investigators on the Aspirin and Tranexamic Acid for Coronary Artery Surgery (ATACAS) trial. The award was handed to

Public Health and Preventive Medicine 30 May, 2017
Paul Myles

Congratulations to Professor Paul Myles on winning Clinical Trial of the Year!

Professor Paul Myles has won Clinical Trial of the Year, awarded by the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance.

Clinical Sciences - The Alfred 22 May, 2017