Steering group

The NHET-Sim Steering Committee for 2016-2017 consists of 13 people.

  • Kirsty Freeman, WA
  • Andrea Herring, NSW
  • Nicole Jones de Rooy, ACT
  • Karen Livesay, VIC
  • Pauline Lyon, QLD
  • Naomi Morick, NT
  • Gillian O’Connor, NT
  • Stephanie O’Regan, NSW
  • Simon Patten, SA
  • Jenni Sokol, VIC
  • Cyle Sprick, SA
  • Nick Towle, TAS
  • Tess Vawser, VIC

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals who have served as members of the NHET-Sim Steering Group:

  • Associate Professor Marcus Watson
  • Professor Brian Jolly
  • Professor Sandra Carr
  • Dr Richard Clark
  • Mr Dale Edwards
  • Dr Tim Metcalf
  • Mr Julian van Dijk
  • Ms Leanne Sanders
  • Ms Melissa Power
  • Ms Angela McKay