Emeritus Professor Ruth Endacott

PhD, MA, DipN (London), RN


+61 3 9905 4836
Ruth’s researcher profile

Adjunct Emeritus Professor

Ruth is the Director for Nursing and Midwifery with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and  is a registered nurse with a strong background in critical care practice, education and research. She has extensive experience in developing the research skills of clinicians across a range of methodologies.

Ruth has received a number of research grants. These have focused on patient safety and quality of care, in particular recognising deterioration and managing end-of-life care in intensive care units.

She has experience in international studies and is currently leading a pan-Europe project on competency-based education for critical care nurses. Ruth has supervised 15 doctoral students and examined over 30 doctoral theses as an external examiner.

Research interests

  • Symptom management and end-of-life care in intensive care units
  • Recognising deterioration in acutely ill patients
  • Use of simulation to improve clinical decision making