Professor Tracy Levett-Jones

PhD, MEd, BN, DipHealthScience


Adjunct Professor

Professor Levett-Jones is Professor of Nursing Education and Head of School at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). In 2018, Tracy was recognised as one of the top three nursing education researchers in Australia and in 2019 was named in The Australian's Research magazine as the top researcher in Health & Medical Sciences in the field of Nursing.

She is the lead researcher for the Empathy Initiative research group and has designed a number of educational websites including the Virtual Empathy Museum and The Patient Safety for Nursing Students website.

Tracy has been awarded over 4 million dollars in grant funding including a number of Category 1 OLT and ALTC grants. She has also been the recipient of nine research awards and twelve teaching awards including an Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Award for Teaching Excellence (2010); a NSW Minister for Education and Training Quality Teaching Award (2007); and a Pearson/Australian Nurse Teacher Society Nurse Educator of the Year Award (2011).