Associate Professor Lisa Kuhn

PhD, MHSc, GradDipNur, EmergCert, DipAppSc(Nur), RN

Associate Professor of Emergency Nursing


t: +61 3 9905 8083
Lisa's researcher profile 


Lisa is an emergency nurse researcher whose research profile is well established nationally and continues to grow internationally.  She has over 25 years of clinical, academic and research experience in emergency nursing.

Whilst passionate about all aspects of emergency care, Lisa’s main research interests involve ensuring equity in early cardiovascular healthcare for women and disadvantaged groups through generating and translating evidence into practice.  She uses quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods to research a broad range of issues including heart disease, emergency care and mental health.

Lisa has extensive experience in postgraduate education, and has coordinated and lectured in several hospital- and university-based (Certificate- and Graduate Certificate to Masters’ level) emergency nursing courses.  She has also lectured extensively into cardiac, intensive care and neuroscience postgraduate courses and has convened undergraduate seminars in high dependency, research, and quality and safety.

Research interests

  • quality and safety in emergency care
  • cardiovascular disease
  • women’s heart disease
  • equity in access to emergency care
  • education in emergency care
  • nurse-patient relationships
  • Research methodologies

  • quantitative methods
  • qualitative methods
  • mixed methods

Research projects

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Research grants

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Supervision projects

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Professional engagement/service

  • Peer reviewer for the following scientific journals:
    • American Journal of Critical Care Nursing
    • Australian Critical Care
    • Australasian Emergency Nursing Journal
    • British Journal of Cardiac Nursing
    • Collegian
    • Emergency Medicine Journal
    • European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
    • International Journal of Cardiology
    • Journal of Advanced Nursing
    • Journal of Clinical Nursing
    • Journal of Emergency Nursing

Professional affiliations

  • Australasian Cardiovascular Nursing College, Member
  • Australian College of Critical Care Nurses, Member
  • Australian College of Nursing (ACN), Member
  • Australian and Midwifery Nursing Federation, Member
  • College of Emergency Nursing Australasia (CENA), Member
  • Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand, Affiliate Member


  • CENA Research Committee, Member
  • Formerly, Member Low Risk Ethics Committee, Eastern Health (2014 – 2017)


Please refer to Lisa's researcher profile

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