Kwassui Women's University

65 nursing students from Kwassui Women’s University visited Monash University's School of Nursing and Midwifery. The main purpose of their visit was to learn about ‘culture and nursing’.

The Japanese government has added ‘international nursing’ as part of  the nursing curriculum, however, it is not easy to learn ‘international  nursing’ or ‘culture and nursing’ in a mono-cultural country such as  Japan.

During their visit, they had lectures, cultural activities and a  discussion session with Monash University students.  The students stayed  with ‘home stay families’ allowing the cultural exchange to continue  for their whole visit.

With cultural activities, students formed groups of three or four and  walked around the Peninsula campus. They asked questions to other  students such as ‘what is your favourite food?’ or ‘what do you  traditionally eat when you are sick?’. This was a wonderful, eye opening  activity for these students about the cultural differences and  relationship with health/sickness and culture.

The discussion session with Monash University students was another  highlight. Four second year nursing and nursing/paramedic students, one  Master student and one graduate nurse who graduated from the School of  Nursing and Midwifery last year volunteered for the session with the 65  nursing students. They asked questions to each other about their  experience being a nursing student. They found some differences and  commonalties studying nursing in Japan and Australia.

This visit really helped the students from Kwassui Women’s University  and they left with a better understanding of Australian and to a  certain extent international culture and nursing.