Waseda University

Thanatology Master Students from Waseda University were welcome by Monash University as part of the Japanese Program.  Students were studying and researching thanatology, the study of death  and life, from a variety of perspectives. The purpose of the visit was  to extend their views of life and death in relation to ‘palliative care’  and ‘culture’.

All students had different professional backgrounds such as a  physiotherapist, bio-technology researcher, clinical psychologist and  sociologist.

Lectures were held on Australian health care, palliative care, loss  and grief and Indigenous health. Students also had the opportunity to  visit a palliative care unit at Peninsula Health and Baxter Village.

A research presentation day gave these participants the opportunity  to present their research areas. PhD, Master students and academics in  the School of Nursing and Midwifery were invited to attend the  presentation.

Presentation topics covered were death education among University  students, possibilities to use stem cell to improve quality of life in  palliative care, staff members’ perspectives to look after patients with  self-harm in a psychiatric ward, and a paediatricians’ experience of  loss and grief after patients’ death. Active discussion was conducted  where the participants exchanged their contact information, each other’s  publication papers and talked about possible future collaboration.