Bachelor of Nursing (Hons)


“Research provides the foundational evidence on which we base our nursing and midwifery practice, and the outcomes from many Honours research projects have contributed to that body of evidence over the years. A Monash Nursing and Midwifery Honours degree not only gives you the training and skills to start your research career, but also helps you to improve the care you and your colleagues provide at the local, national and international level.”

Dr Cliff Connell
Bachelor of Nursing (Hons)
Course Coordinator

The Bachelor of Nursing Honours course opens a range of research and other opportunities, including an accelerated pathway to doctoral research degrees (PhD).

This course provides you with the opportunities for specialised and advanced work in either nursing or midwifery through development of research skills for high achieving students who have completed the Bachelor of Nursing and/or the Bachelor of Midwifery, or a comparable degree course.

During the course you will undertake research methodology training and carry out an independent research project in your specialist field, working closely with supervisors who will provide you with individual guidance and academic counselling.

At the end of the course, you will produce a thesis reporting on the background to, method, results and discussion of your research project findings. Key here is that the thesis is about your research on a topic that is important to you and can impact on nursing and/or midwifery practice and policy.