Death and resilience training

Research Project

Death and resilience training for aged care workers: a pilot study

About this project

Aged care workers continue providing compassionate care to residents, and they also encounter resident’s physical/psychological deterioration, repeated deaths and families’ upsets. As a result of their work, they may experience loss, grief, compassion fatigue and burnout. It is important for workers to receive appropriate support and use self-care strategies in order to develop their own resilience.

The projects aims to provide an opportunity for aged care workers to reflect on their experience of death and grief at work, explore their own view of life and death and meaning of their work. As well as to help aged care workers to recognise their resilience and find the way to care themselves.

The projects consisted of workshops focusing on death related issues and resilience were run at two residential aged care facilities in Melbourne, VIC. These 60 minute interactive workshop sessions were held over four weeks with eight plus participants.

Results & Discussion

Learning goals:

  • to learn how to deal with death and dying including coping strategies with their own grief.
  • to lean how to support others as well as themselves

Leaning outcomes:

  • interactive learning style sharing their experiences of a resident’s death with others enhanced their learning experiences.
  • realised importance of self-care in order to support others.

Workshops gave participants new perspectives regarding their experience, especially about death, grief and resilience.

Research team