Intensive care

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Intensive care

Our vision is to conduct clinically meaningful research to support the best ICU outcomes and experiences, for patients, families and staff.

Intensive care nurses are highly skilled and provide care to critically ill patients, primarily in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Increasingly, ICU nurses support the broader hospital, by providing critical care outreach services and ICU liaison nurses to assist with the management of patients with clinical deterioration in other areas of the hospital. The ICU is a complex environment filled with technology and machine noise which can be overwhelming for patients and families. In addition to being highly competent advanced clinicians, ICU nurses provide a humanising element to patient care, including providing support to families.

Our research program aims to generate evidence to guide the organisation and delivery of ICU nursing care to achieve the best patient outcomes, places the patient and family at the centre of all we do, and utilises a range of research approaches to meet our aims.

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