PPE training for Vic RACFs

Research Project

Personal protection equipment and infection control training for Victorian residential aged care facilities

About this project

In response to the high risk of a COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria’s residential aged care facilities (RACFs), the team from Monash Nursing and Midwifery provided the Victorian Department of Health with a targeted infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE) application training program. The program incorporated practical face-to-face training in PPE and infection control practices and ongoing follow up with written material, an online quiz and an innovative, custom-built online competency platform combining virtual reality with artificial intelligence.  Between August 2020 and May 2021, more than 300 training sessions were delivered to >3500 participants from 241 individual RACFs in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

This PPE Program was developed rapidly, in response to the COVID-19 outbreaks in Victorian residential aged care facilities.  The development of a sustainable education model, that can be scaled-up and adapted as needed for future events is required, and rigorous analysis and dissemination of study outcomes may inform future educational responses.

Research team


Sarah Watson | School Manager, Nursing and Midwifery, and Allied and Primary Health