Bachelor of Nursing Honours

Are you thinking about the next step after your Bachelor course?

The Bachelor of Nursing Honours Year opens up a range of research and other opportunities, including an accelerated pathway to doctoral research degrees (PhD).

This course provides you with the opportunities for specialised and advanced work in either nursing or midwifery through development of research skills for high achieving students who have completed the Bachelor of Nursing and/or the Bachelor of Midwifery, or a comparable degree course.

You will undertake research methodology training and carry out an independent research project in your specialist field, working closely with a supervisor who will provide you with individual guidance and academic counselling. The course offers a pathway to higher-level research in nursing for graduates with a Nursing degree, or in midwifery for graduates with a Midwifery degree.

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If you'd like to learn more about the Bachelor of Nursing Honours, we have created some short videos, an introduction and interviews with a past student and the Director of our Research Degrees.

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If you'd like to know more about our current students research projects, you can discover areas we are currently working on at Supervisor Connect

Discover and apply for our Bachelor of Nursing Honours course