Internationally Qualified Nurse (IQN) Program

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The Internationally Qualified Nurse (IQN) Program (formally known as the IRON Program) is a university-based initiative that aims to prepare international nurses for Australian registration.

This course recognises the high level of preparation that international nurses receive in completing their Bachelor of Nursing in other countries and takes the entry point for familiarising students within nursing in Australia. The focus is on those aspects of the practice of nursing in Australia that differs from practice in other countries.

The program is made up of seven modules. The first five are online and can be completed by the student before coming to Australia. The sixth module is an intensive one week program at Monash University and the final module is a six week full-time clinical experience in an Australian hospital.

Course information and registration

The program is a bridging course recognised by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia which prepares suitably qualified overseas trained registered nurses for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

The course comprises seven modules

  • Module 1 - The Context of Health Care in Australia (online)
  • Module 2 - Australian Health Care (online)
  • Module 3 - Australian Legal System (online)
  • Module 4 - Regulation of Nursing in Australia (online)
  • Module 5 - Safety in Health Care in Australia (online)
  • Module 6 - Intensive week (on Monash campus)
  • Module 7 - Clinical practicum (6 weeks)

IQN program schedule for 2018

ActivityLocationApril 2018
intake dates
June 2018
intake dates
5 modules of study on the Australian health care system Online study, can be completed in home country or Australia as required 5 weeks
April 23 2018
5 weeks
June 4 2018
Intensive clinical workshop Monash University, Clayton campus, Melbourne, Australia 1 week
June 1 2018
1 week
July 13 201
Clinical placement An Australian hospital - specific locations for each participant to be advised 6 weeks
June 11 2018
6 weeks
July 23 2018

Course cost

The cost of the course in 2018 is AUD$14,950, which covers course tuition and clinical placement. Participants in the course must meet their own travel costs, accommodation costs, daily living costs and uniform costs for clinical placement.

Clinical Placement may be located outside of the state of Victoria. A range of accommodation options will be supplied. Students attending the same placements are encouraged to arrange to share accommodation to reduce costs.

Registration as a nurse in Australia

Participants must successfully complete the IQN program in order to be recommended by Monash University for nurse registration in Australia. Successful completion of the IQN Program requires:

  • an overall pass grade in the assessments of theory studied in Modules 1 – 5;
  • the completion of all mandatory learning and reflection tasks;
  • the achievement of a passing grade for all competency assessments by the end of clinical placement.

Failure to successfully complete the IQN Program will not result in nurse registration in Australia or in a refund of tuition fees.

Entry requirements

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the IQN course:

  • be overseas qualified nurses with a qualification that is equivalent to that required of an degree qualified Australian trained registered nurse;
  • applicants must apply for overseas qualified nurse registration to AHPRA - if AHPRA judges that the applicant meets the criteria for registration they will issue a letter advising that the applicant will be eligible for registration after completion of bridging program for internationally qualified nurses - this letter is required to undertake the IQN course;
  • meet the current Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia English language skills registration standard (nursing and midwifery). The Registration standard document can be downloaded from the AHPRA website;
  • have practised as a registered nurse in an acute care ward for at least one year within the 5 years prior to the application;
  • have current Police and Working with Children checks regarding their suitability to undertake such placements; (obtained after arrival in Australia, further information provided on application) and obtain relevant vaccinations and infectious disease screening tests prior to clinical placements (information provided on application).


For further information and to apply:
Tel: +61 3 9905 3582

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