Improving worker health and insurer sustainability

Improving worker health and insurer sustainability: the Insurance Work and Health Group

The expert IWHG team brings together world-leading capabilities in research, data and advisory services to improve workers’ health, and ensure the systems that insure workers are robust, profitable and sustainable.

The IWHG is unique in that it brings together the world’s leading experts in health, injury prevention, data analysis, occupational health and safety, policy and anthropology.

Together, the project team tackle their client’s challenges, which have included mapping and simplifying the government systems that support ill and injured workers, developing tools WorkCover can use to get injured workers back to work faster, and designing interventions to reduce injury in the transport sector.

The integration of research, data and advisory capability makes the IWHG a unique partner to better understand and address sector challenges. Together we can develop meaningful solutions to keep workers at work, improve health, and ensure the sustainability of systems that support people with work-related disability.

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