Grey Innovation and DreamWorks partner with Monash

Grey Innovation, Dreamworks and MNHS collaboration to revolutionise childhood learning

TALI is a ground-breaking game-based training program for young children, designed by a team of neuroscientists at Monash University. The program represents the culmination of over 25 years of research in developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

Through scientifically-validated clinical trials the program has been proven to improve children’s attention and cognitive processing. The benefits have been shown to last long after TALI treatment has stopped.

Designed as a five-week clinical intervention, the program is accessed via a home-based tablet, making it available to users across a wider range of socio-demographic groups and geographic locations.

The program incorporates engaging touchscreen exercises to train children’s core attentional skills.

Using a special algorithm, each exercise adapts in difficulty in real time to the gameplay of the child to ensure that they are constantly challenged.

The partnership between Monash and Grey Innovation brings together leading-edge science with the latest technology to create treatments that meaningfully improve children’s learning experiences.

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