Injury Prevention, Management and Recovery

Injury prevention, management and recovery: the Monash Alfred Injury Network

The Monash Alfred Injury Network (MAIN) is a collaborative partnership between Monash University and Alfred Health, two internationally-recognised institutions with world-class trauma and injury researchers and clinicians.

Injury is a major public health problem globally.  Approximately 973 million people worldwide sustain injuries that require healthcare intervention each year, a third of which occur in the workplace.

MAIN focuses on the prevention and management of injury and trauma. This virtual network draws from Monash University’s and Alfred Health's strengths in health and behavioural sciences, acute care, general practice and primary care, epidemiology, statistics, health economics, actuarial science, engineering, design and the social sciences.

MAIN acts as a facilitator, coordinator and leader of researchers, clinicians and other specialists who have the expertise and capability to deliver solutions that reduce the global burden of injury.

MAIN members also offer graduate programs, short courses and workshops in Australia and internationally, and provide consultancy services to governments, industry and healthcare providers.

Monash University and Alfred Health both have proven experience in developing successful collaborative partnerships with health services across the Middle East, India and China. Upskilling of overseas medical and allied health practitioners through in-country education and training programs has been crucial to meet the steadily rising demand for high quality healthcare across the region.

Through MAIN, we look forward to establishing new partnerships to improve health outcomes and address the problem of injury. We’re seeking opportunities to work with local and international partners across education, government and industry.

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