Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research

Established in 2009, ISCRR conducts and facilitates research and best practice in injury prevention, rehabilitation and compensation. ISCRR’s mission is to collaboratively develop, execute and translate the highest quality research, which helps WorkSafe optimise their outcomes and those of their clients. To carry out this important work, ISCRR has developed its own internal team of researchers, project managers and research communication specialists, and has engaged with more than 70 research teams from a wide network of national and international research organisations. Within Monash, the ISCRR partnership has helped to build substantial research and translation capacity, including researchers from several Schools and Departments from the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, the Monash University Accident Research Centre, Monash Business School, and the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture.

ISCRR has conducted nearly 300 projects in its first 12 years of operation across the broad thematic areas of workplace injury and illness prevention, recovery, and supporting independent living. ISCRR’s 2020 Research Impact Report found that 82 per cent of ISCRR projects carried out between 2018 and 2020 helped WorkSafe Victoria make evidence-informed decisions, owing much of this success to strong stakeholder engagement, dedicated and world-leading researchers and the identification of research user champions.

In July 2019, ISCRR hosted a research showcase event, a celebration of ISCRR’s research impact achievements. In her opening statement, the then WorkSafe Victoria Chief Executive Clare Amies commented on the value the evidence-based research has brought to her organisation, stating “ISCRR has shaped WorkSafe’s return-to-work strategy and engagement with occupational rehabilitation providers, supporting thousands of injured workers return to safe, sustainable work and achieve the best possible outcomes.”

Sarah Newton, Monash Pro Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise), also praised the ISCRR partnership model saying that it had provided a template for several other successful partnerships between Monash, government and industry. ISCRR Director, Samantha Barker was proud of the achievements of her institute, saying that with the support of Monash’s partners, ISCRR had made a positive impact on the health, wellbeing, productivity and economy of the State, helping to improve the lives of millions of Victorians.

The partnership has proved so successful that a new agreement secured its ongoing operations until 2024.


  • Samantha Barker, Director of ISCRR
  • Dr Janine McMillan, Research Lead
  • Dr Kim Pham, Research Program and Operations Manager
  • Dr Jimmy Twin, Research Communications and Translation Manager
  • Dr Petra Bywood, Senior Research Officer
  • Dr Sarah Oxford, Senior Research Officer
  • Amanda Moo, Research Officer
  • Carmen Schroder, Research Officer
  • Belinda Clark, Research Officer
  • Kathryn Leslie, Research Program and Operations Officer
  • Lucy Klein, Research Program and Operations Officer
  • Blaire Dobiecki, Research Communications Officer
  • Peter Anikejenko, Knowledge Translation Officer


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